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In Bright Futures, you'll learn how to consistently create clarity that propels you to take action.


In Bright Futures, you can expect to practice principles for mastering mindset.


In Bright Futures, you get world class support from a community of purposeful women.

Meet the Founder of Bright Futures

Caren Bright is an author, speaker, executive life/trauma coach, & non-profit consultant who is on a mission to empower high performing women in reaching greater levels of performance. After overcoming poverty and past trauma herself, Caren started Pamper Lake Highlands. A highly successful nonprofit that aids women and children in breaking the cycle of poverty.

It was her work at Pamper Lake Highlands that served as the catalyst for wanting to empower high performing women who have experienced trauma in reaching greater levels of performance. She recognized that the principles she was using in her life and teaching women in poverty could be used by any woman wanting to do more and achieve more which is when Bright Futures was born.

Working With Me Is Right For You If You Need:


Have your staff trained and certified to facilitate the Bright Futures Personal Empowerment Training Curriculum. This curriculum empowers your participants to begin the journey towards reaching their highest potential. They will develop vital life skills and learn the steps to successfully create a Bright Future for themselves and their families.


With private coaching you will get to work 1:1 with Caren to build structure around creating the life you deserve. Gain clarity and find solutions to areas that you feel are blocking you from achieving your fullest potential. Allow Caren to personalize her successful strategies to your unique needs, making implementation and seeing results simple.


Past traumas getting in your way? Having Caren as your trauma coach allows a safe space for you to intentionally look at these past traumatic experiences, identifying the impact they had on you, and determining the next steps in reclaiming your power to create new life outcomes. Break the cycles that have plagued you and walk forward in empowerment.

Let Caren Help You:

  • Get unstuck, breakthrough emotional blocks, shed light on and overcome past trauma while determining the EXACT strategies and habits you need to reinvent yourself.
  • Stick to the mindset and habits needed for a healthier and happier life.
  • Become more productive and self-disciplined.
  • Create the bright future you deserve!

Benefits of Nonprofit Training

  • (1) Group Volunteer Poverty Awareness Training
  • 8 Team Coaching Sessions
  • Exclusive Access to The Bright Futures Empowerment Curriculum
  • BONUS: Data Collection Tools


If you're looking for a more intimate coaching experience then one of our 1:1 packages is for you.