All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Nonprofit


The Nonprofit Empowerment training curriculum is based on Caren's personal experience. The skills and tools taught in Bright Futures are the same skills Caren first used to climb out of generational poverty and then used to create a highly successful nonprofit. Combining her personal experience and skills with conflict management training, she developed a method for creating a Bright Culture at the nonprofit that resulted in empowered employees. Caren's methods are so effective that she was able to run a multi-generational organization serving hundreds of families a year with very little turnover and using only half of the available resources compared to other nonprofits of the same size.


After seeing the positive results of implementing Bright Futures training at her own nonprofit, Caren developed the Bright Futures Curriculum to help other organizations become more effective and create more positive and productive workplaces. The first four units of the curriculum address Plan Building, and the last four units address Team Building.


Thank you for attending this training. With an open mind and enthusiasm, you can make a positive difference in not only the success of your organization as a whole, but also in your personal job satisfaction and in your day-to-day happiness at the workplace.

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